The Wheat Germ is the treasure of the grain: it is the most nutritious part and contains vitamin E, B vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, magnesium, essential fatty acids and high-quality vegetable protein, all beneficial substances for the body *.

Usually, for production and conservation requirements, the germ is separated from the flour. With INFIBRA, we were able to maintain this precious part of the grain, stabilized and cold-pressed, preserving as much as possible the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

The wheat germ can also improve the organoleptic qualities of the finished product – aroma and taste – and the bread-making qualities for the dough with the vegetable fatty acids naturally contained, allowing you to create products without the addition of other fats.

* A healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet are indispensable for the maintenance of the general well-being of the body.

The Wheat Grain

The Wheat Germ